Welcome to B.C. LEASE-LITE  LTD

Throughout our 50 years in business, we have continued to concentrate on replacement and/or upgrade lighting by outright purchase or convenient Lease/Maintenance program.  We perform lighting audits with BC Hydro Power Smart for installation of retrofits in strata, commercial and institutional settings.  Our trusted name in quality and integrity keeps customers returning for the service and wholesale value we offer.

LUMINAIRE PLASTICS We specialize in replacement plastic light lenses and covers. Whether they be simple flat lenses, standard wrap-style lenses or elaborate custom designer styles, we are able to supply each customer with a quality plastic lens that meets their needs. We stock a variety of the more popular wrap lens  styles and are able to provide any other styles as needed. We stock the industry standard K-12 Prismatic lenses material, lighting white, and various others.

Drop by our store for all your lighting supply needs, we have several types of lamps, ballasts, parts, energy efficient products and more.